Pura is the Spanish word for `pure´ which is the equivalent for what the label PURA clothing stands for: Sustainable fashion for a pure conscience.

There is still a lot of unethical stuff happening in the fashion industry. Our goal and motivation is not only to create a bikini and sportswear line which is perfect in style and in fit but also to create pieces which are fairly produced and environmentally sustainable. PURA clothing only uses recycled or natural fabric that feels buttery soft on your skin. All our fabric is sourced from Italy and all of the pieces are made by hand in Switzerland and Italy. ​We have absolutely no air travel involved in any of our processes.

With every purchase you make, we’re donating 1 CHF to a non profit organisation that is fighting global warming!

we stand for


Ethical fashion is more than just recycled fabric. Our margins are kept low so that fair fashion is available to as many people as possible.

Here is a rough list about our pricing
30% Production costs
25% Tax & Insurance
35% Company costs
5-10% Shipping & Handling and Social Responsibility

If you have any questions, let us know!



The company only uses renewable energy, saving 300’000 kwh per year 95% of their trash is reused again , preventing 154 garbage trucks delivering waste to the landfill. 35% of all water used for dying etc is recycled and reused. It’s only a few minutes from our production, keeping transportation to a minimum! to collect the fabric they have 75 volunteers and 650 fishing boats collecting trash from the oceans. In 2017 they collected 375 tons of fishing nets! The fabric contains 50% post-consumer (fishing nets and carpet fluff) and 50% pre-consumer waste (industrial plastic components). In any case post-consumer waste always represents a minimum of 50% of the total waste; never less then this.